TRAILER: "Season Of The Witch"

Nicolas Cage Stars In Upcoming Thriller

Season Of The Witch is the new thriller to be hitting cinemas this spring. It's jam packed with dark magic and supernatural elements that every fantastical will love!

Directed by Dominic Sena- who directed the 2000 action movie "Gone In 60 Seconds", also starring Nicolas Cage- Season Of The Witch sees Cage play Lavey, a 14th century crusader, returning to a homeland, which has been hit with the Black Plague. When sorcery is deemed the cause, a young woman, played by Claire Foy, is accused of being a witch and is taken to a darkened abbey, where monks plan to perform rituals on her with intent to end the plague.

It looks set to be a classic cult movie, which will stick around for a while. So if you like your Wickerman-esque thrillers, get down to the cinema and see this on March 19th!

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