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Questions For Stylo!

We caught up with African star Stylo G and got an insight into the man, his music and more!

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Who is Stylo G?

Stylo G is a Reggae/Dance, solo artist from Jamaica now living in the UK. I first came to the UK in 2000 and worked with some major, major names, building up a fan base and now, yeah I’m taking it to the world.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as unique, versatile, and stylish and ready for 2013 and onwards.

Your well regarded amongst your peers. Why do you think?

I'm excited you know. Confidence plays a major part in my career and I always have confidence in my music, so now people are ticking me off as the one to watch. It’s good that they see the vision and they believe in it, and now you know with the words of people saying that I’m the one to watch, I’m guna make sure that I fulfil that and keep on making bangers and keep on making them big tracks.

Has your perspective on music changed through your career?

A. It’s changed because I had to change from a guy who would spit the 16 bars on a track to a proper artist, and evolving from that certain artists won’t get it right. I had to leave that 16 bar artist alone and I just kind of changed from that and started making songs and music that’s guna live on 20 years from now. That was one of my aims, to make sure my legacy continues so that when my son comes to start making music it’s easier for him, or I will pave the way for him like old Bob Marley did for his sons. I just wana make sure my music lives on.

What’s been the biggest hurdle in your music career thus far?

My biggest hurdle was a hurdle which was beyond my control and that was getting my passport, to do a lot of stuff and just to be legit in the country, and I felt that was beyond my control because sometimes to be a Jamaican in Britain is not easy to get what you want. You have to go through the order and that took years, it was a big hurdle to jump. But I’m grateful now that I’ve managed to clear that hurdle, because from clearing that hurdle there’s been a lot of things that I’ve been able to do and I’m just grateful. I’ve also been able to travel; I came back from Germany 2 days ago, they had been trying to get me over there to do a show and before I couldn’t really do that, so I have really been able to clear that hurdle. That was one of the biggest ones because back in the days, MC's used to go Napa to play a season and I had promoters trying to book me but I wouldn’t get to go, so that was a hurdle that was holding me back in a lot of ways.

Who would your top 5 artists to work with be?

OK top 5; number one would be Busta Rhymes definitely. Number two would be Jay-Z definitely. Number three would be Movado definitely. Number four would be... I could see myself working with Maxi Priest. And number five I can see myself working with Young Money’s Jae.

What do the next 12 months have in store for you?

In the next 12 months I’m looking forward to doing a lot of live shows, because I’ve put my band together so instead of just doing PA’s I’m doing live shows now. I’m guna be doing Glastonbury, Reading Festival, Tramline in Sheffield and I’m just looking forward to going and tearing down these platforms. So the next 12 months I’m prepared and geared up for work and releasing a few more singles.


Take a look at Stylo G's video for 'Soundbwoy' below.

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