Are you a Dropout?


You'll need to have a way with people and be good at getting them to spill the beans. You will interview celebrities, sports personalities and significant figures whilst also attending events ranging from awards ceremonies to stadium gigs with the aim of writing an objective "no-nonsense" review.

Music Reviewer

You will complete album, single and live reviews on varying artists, both mainstream and unsigned.


You wil be attending events with the objective to capture photographs that encapsulate the event as best as possible. "Capturing those Kodak moments".

Blogger/Online Contributor

If you currently run or contribute to a website or blog that you feel may be relevant to our market (Music, Entertainment, Fashion, Lifestyle) we would love to here from you as there is a lot of scope for collaboration.

Dropout University Rep

You will act as A Dropout Representative for the respective University/College which will consist of: Assisting in marketing campaigns, liasing with the Student Union and ensuring students are kept in the loop with all the latest goings on within 'DROPOUTLAND'.

If this is barking up your tree and you have initiative, enthusiasm and consider yourself reliable, please grt in touch and summaries your interests at

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