We provide our clients with a medium to communicate with their market in the most effective way possible. We love the creative process. There's no better feeling than coming up with new and exciting ways to engage with our Dropout's (...okay I can think of one thing that may be better...) as advertisement is not merely about relaying a message.

We love to push the boundaries, make it unique, fun and tailored to our client's specific requirements. We are up for anything! We produce a fortnightly mailout that is sent to over 30,000 Dropouts internationally, summarising the latest goings on within our website. The site is also updated at least twice a day in order to stay at the forefront of Pop culture.

Available Packages


300x250 Banner | 767x89 Leaderboard | 300x250 MPU

Dropout Flyer

This is tailored to short-term, low budget advertisements that will alternate on a weekly basis.


At your request we can really have a little fun with our weekly mailouts to cater to your every need:

  1. Mailout Takeover: The use of your brand to entirely redesign our mailouts to promote our clients product/service.
  2. Integrated Advertorial, Tailored Content Creation, Integrated Editorial, Image Assets, Built in Tracking URLs, Traffic Drivers and User Incentives, Competitions
  3. Textlinks - Catchy sentence about your product/service strategy placed within mailout

E-mail us at: our sales guy Sheldon sits in a dark, dingy flat somewhere in London constantly refreshing his e-mails so you won't have to wait long!

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